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Are you ready to discover a region in the wondrous United States? Follow the steps below to assist you with your journey across America.

Here is an online dictionary to help you understand your reading.

First, open your wiki page, and then click here and follow the directions.

Think about the following ideas/questions before you begin researching. Be thinking about how the climate, economy, geography, and history work together to affect your region.
  • Climate: What is the weather like? How many seasons do they have, and how long are the seasons? Are there any weather extremes? What kinds of vegetation are found here? How does the climate affect the people?
  • Economy: What type of industries are found here? Why are these industries in your region? How are natural resources important to the industries? What large companies are in your region, and what do they make? What tourist attractions are popular here?
  • Geography: How does the geography affect the ecology of the region? How are the landforms and bodies of water important to life forms and habitats in the region?
  • History: How has the region been affected by the historical events? Identify some significant historical people and events and tell how they impacted the region and the United States.

The following websites will be useful for your research!