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BIG IDEA: United States regions consists of states that have a similar geography, climate, economy, and historical significance.

UEQ: What makes each region of the United States a unique region ?

  • How can we describe the geography of the _ region?
  • How does the geography influence the ecology of the _ region?
  • How does the climate affect the _ region?
  • How do natural resources influence the economy of the _ region?
  • How has the ___ region been affected by significant historical events?

Use the Understand/Do columns from KUD to generate the scenario/expectations for each region.

Vocabulary Page for each region.
Learning Links

This wiki is to hold resources/assignments/directions.
Group pages on teacher wiki.
Jigsaw the regions by student group to complete a 'webquest' about their assigned region.
Compile research on the group wiki page.
Condense research onto template wiki page for their region.
Add region information to overall organizer for all regions.
Groups 'study' the other group information and prepare questions.
Individual students create individual project to compare/contrast or 'sell' a region.
Groups can create a quiz/scavenger hunt for other groups to root out the important information. Like a study guide for the -
Common Assessment for big ideas.

Common Assessment
Additional Assessment Ideas
Graphic Organizer to compare/contrast 2 states from different regions.
Written paragraph comparing 2 regions incorporating the information from the 4 themes.
How is life different because of...?
Application questions

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